The abstract proposal might be submitted to one of the 14 thematic sessions or to the general conference track. You can browse the session summaries below.

Valuation in the economy and beyond

Convenors: Frank Meier, Thorsten Peetz, Désirée Waibel

Critique of neoliberalism in the public debate: A comparison between Eastern and Western Europe

Convenor: Magdalena Nowicka-Franczak

The contested moralities of markets in an era of social transformation: Activism, alternative organizing and beyond

Convenors: Philip Balsiger, Simone Schiller-Merkens

Categories, transformations and exchanges under state socialism

Convenor: Mateusz Fałkowski

Technological change and new economic practices

Convenor: Maria Nawojczyk

A demand side perspective on markets

Convenors: Sebastian Nessel and Sebastian Koos

Constructing territorial reciprocity: Categorization and quantification of burden sharing

Convenor: Walter Bartl

Towards cashless society – A world without money or a world focused on money?

Convenor: Joanna Szalacha-Jarmużek

Exploring gender inequalities in times of asset-based welfare

Convenors: Ariane Hillig, Hayley James

Socio-economic development, well-being and happiness – problems, measures, findings

Convenor: Krzysztof Zagórski

Mechanism approach in economic sociology

Convenors: Sebastian Nessel, Andrea Maurer

Institutional and network mechanism of migrants access to labor markets

Convenor: Mikołaj Pawlak

Normativity, morality & projectivity: Research and emancipation of economic life

Convenor: Adriana Mica

Effects of technological change and the Great Recession on labor markets

Convenor: Alberto Veira Ramos